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      In recent years, the United States has played the China card whenever it comes to elections. This time, Trump is playing politics. Throughout Taiwan card &; To send a minister to Taiwan just for the sake of his election situation is to provoke China. If China retaliates violently at the political level, it would be tantamount to campaigning for Trump, which is what Trump likes.  It is in the excitement of this soured presidential election that all sorts of things are happening. God throughout operation &; Come out one after another. & ndash; Finally, the unthinkable happened: this year's U.S. presidential election has become. China or Russia? It is impossible not to say that the imagination of American politicians has gone to Mars. Is it possible that all The American voters are in their minds? IQ drops. Yet? Deng Xiaoping's visit to the United States almost assassinated in the past I think, Xiaoping's visit to the United States, are flowers, applause and cheers. But deng's visit was also met with a snub from opposition politicians, anti-China demonstrations organised by the Taiwanese authorities and a near assassination attempt.

      Just a few minutes after Mr Lai's arrest, a battalion of Hong Kong police raided the headquarters of Next Media, which some reports said had as many as 200 officers, in what appeared to be a major and carefully planned operation by the Hong Kong police. When police entered the headquarters of Next Media, people inside were said to be working. Impression, Hong Kong police for a long time not so happy action! Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, said: "It may take a catalyst like the FALL in the US stock market to generate the necessary political will to pass legislation." Earlier, Mr McConnell said in an interview that the talks were "deadlocked". For now, Mr Trump's order could help avoid a bigger fall in US stocks. "Even if, miraculously, all of these measures were implemented, going back to the beginning of this month, they would only boost the economy by $400bn by the end of the year," Mr Zandi said. That is well below my estimate of $1.5 trillion needed to avoid a recession.    There is no doubt that the future of oil is bright, because vaccines will eventually die, the epidemic in the United States will eventually end, and oil demand will return to more than $20 million a day sooner or later.

      Now the world's three largest epidemic countries, the United States, Brazil and India, the three goods can be understood as three India: luxury Version of India, high match With India, India bengzong. That is why I have been saying, when we talk about India, don't lick, some people always cannot help to lick, what free medical care (free what all can't, the poor rich to spend money to private clinic), what is democracy and freedom, is really free, free to you didn't dead tube), what free education (India and now hundreds of millions of illiterate), you boast in India these, as if someone kua you & other; He is short and ugly, but very poor. The same.      The random index of daily chart tends to go down further, but it needs to break the 10-day average to open further down space. The 4-hour chart falls back, slightly weak in the short term. Hour graph up blocked in 2050, short - term attention before the low 2015, under the effective break will be expected to further lower. Recommended day 2040 below the short, broken 2015 follow up. The daily chart stabilizes in the 5 - day average rebound, but failed to refresh the high, cautious to see the high shock. The 4-hour Tulas lack follow-through and may still be at risk of building a roof, but the MA20 remains strong. After exploring 29.40 on the hour chart, maintain the arrangement under this file. Day recommended careful operation, slightly inclined to short below 29.40, under 28.50 follow up.

      Once this abates, we may consolidate for a while, but we still think that by the end of the year we could see gold back up to $2,400." Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Mr Widmer also said gold's rise was a temporary pause and reiterated the bank's 18-month target of $3,000 an ounce. "The financial restraint has not gone away and I don't think the depreciation of the dollar has gone away," Mr Widmer said. "Countries, implicitly or explicitly But there is another factor that matters besides our own toughness, and that is Russia's support. According to Russian satellite news agency in Moscow on February 7th, all Russian public opinion research center of a poll, 33% of russians to deteriorating conditions to support China in sino-us relations, half of all russians regards China as Russia's strategic and economic partnership, 53% of respondents claim to be neutral, only 6% of respondents suggested to give us some support. There is no doubt that China and Russia are closer than ever to each other in the process of confronting the United States. This is a strategic choice as well as a need for each other. We can in the face of economic sanctions to give blood transfusion in Russia, Russia can provide support on equipment technology, the complementary cooperation just reflect the close relationship between China and Russia on the one hand, and more signs, China and Russia will also be in the future for a long time, rely on each other to withstand the strategic stress of the United States.   Now the world's three largest epidemic countries, the United States, Brazil and India, the three goods can be understood as three India: luxury Version of India, high match With India, India bengzong. That is why I have been saying, when we talk about India, don't lick, some people always cannot help to lick, what free medical care (free what all can't, the poor rich to spend money to private clinic), what is democracy and freedom, is really free, free to you didn't dead tube), what free education (India and now hundreds of millions of illiterate), you boast in India these, as if someone kua you & other; He is short and ugly, but very poor. The same. 

        Right Flag of Bahrain Animal Husbandry Professional Cooperatives rational use of poverty alleviation funds to undertake the task of protecting the bottom of poverty alleviation for the poor households in Bayan Talasumu registered card, dividend period of three years. By the end of 2019, the cooperative has paid dividends to 356 people from 188 poor households for 6 times, with a total of 955,000 bonus funds. The benefiting people have exposed 11 Gacha groups in Bayan Talasu and 47 Duguilong groups. & have spent The cooperative provided more than 100 times of artificial insemination and improved technical services for the eight impoverished households with registered CARDS driven by the cooperatives, and at the same time recycled lambs at a high price. Bahrain right flag both agricultural professional cooperatives by changing the traditional mode of operation, adjust the structure of cattle, small tail cold sheep and hu sheep pure numerous, do economic cross at the same time, using Du Bo RAMS and Australian white RAMS and small tail cold sheep sheep or hybridization, mutton sheep fattening hybrid generation, advocate stabling captivity, drive farmers out of the road of the development of mutton sheep industry growing rich, will be the breeding gradually developed into the ecotype, high benefit pattern. The innovative development mode of the cooperative has set out a new path of sustainable development, which has reduced the development risk for farmers and herdsmen, promoted the development of the duhan and Aohan hybrid meat sheep industry in the surrounding areas, and played a positive role in promoting the development of the whole region's meat sheep industry and the precision industry to get rid of poverty. The digital operation of SHENZHEN International Convention and Exhibition Center has contributed a lot to the splendid exhibition, which has also left a deep impression on the visitors. Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, together with Huawei, China Telecom and Tencent, will build an efficient and intelligent digital service platform, and comprehensively introduce new technologies such as face recognition and artificial intelligence. Technology & throughout; & other; Wisdom & throughout; The elements go deep into every detail of the exhibition; As the world's first super large exhibition hall with full coverage of 5G mobile communication, SHENZHEN International Convention and Exhibition Center has an optional network with adjustable bandwidth, which can meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors to access the Internet during large-scale exhibitions and provide convenient network conditions for the linkage of live broadcast and short video of the double exhibition venues. The intelligent conference system digitizes 150+ meeting rooms of the venue and ensures the efficient and smooth operation of different conferences. Intelligent security provides an integrated guarantee for intelligent security, intelligent monitoring and command and dispatch, which further optimizes the on-site experience of exhibitors and exhibition customers.  The other big news earlier this week was that the number of confirmed coVID-19 cases worldwide officially topped 20 million, with more than 730,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. The global number of cases ranged from 10 million to 20 million in just 44 days. The lingering bad news about the epidemic continues to make "the shooting outside the White House." "Mr. Trump said. "It seems to be well controlled. . But there was a shooting, and someone was taken to the hospital. I don't know about that man." He also said he wasn't nervous about it. "Looking back over the last hundred years, the world has been a dangerous place, a very dangerous place," Mr. Trump said.

      In my impression, in the past ten to twenty years, the United States rarely sent official ministerial officials to Visit Taiwan, but vice ministers and lower officials visited Taiwan all the time, and retired officials, serving and retired members of the United States Congress, are even more common. Due to the sensitivity of the Taiwan issue in the Sino-Us relations, when the Sino-us relations are good, the United States will exercise restraint and even suppress the Taiwan independence forces in Taiwan, not allowing them to become. Troublemakers. However, when sino-us relations are not good, various political forces within the United States will fight. Throughout Taiwan card &; To manufacture for cross-Straits relations. Trouble & throughout; . "It's not that complicated, it's 360 lines, and one of them is called esports." Chen yu started running video games when he was 15. At 22, he is now the director of operations for Ang 'en. From professional players standing in front of the stage, to coaches, team leaders, data analysis experts, research and development personnel and other staff standing behind the scenes, esports industry gradually "out". "Talent is the first threshold to become an escargot, and hard work is also indispensable in the later stage. It would not be a bad idea to describe it as one in a million." Chen yu said of the difficulty of becoming an e-runner. "I enjoy the rush of blood when the wind blows against me," he said. LAN Ran (not his real name), 21, once attended a youth training camp for a well-known team, but later switched to working behind the scenes because of his age and the gap between his competitive level and first-team players. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the health ministry has registered a new coVID-19 vaccine for the first time in Russia, xinhua reported. His daughter has been vaccinated and is feeling well, and hopes to start mass production in the near future. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the vaccine was developed by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of Gamalia, using adenovirus as the carrier. "The vaccine has passed the necessary tests, and it can fully and effectively function and produce antibodies stably," putin said, according to the website of the Russian President. At least 26 coVID-19 vaccines are being developed by 17 research institutes in Russia, with the gamaliya Center making the fastest progress, Russian media reported. The phase 1 and 2 clinical trials of the vaccine at gamaliya center ended on July 15 and August 3, respectively, meeting the safety and efficacy standards of the Russian vaccine.  


       Comprehensive analysis shows that after the last hour of diving on Tuesday, the shape of the K line out of the pattern of Yin and Bao Yang, the rebound of technical indicators hope was once again hit; The superposition of some high stocks in the market hit hard, hit the market sentiment, the short-term market has returned to the shock of the old road to rest. On the operation, now or to control the position, heavy warehouse + stocks rose while selling, light warehouse continue to focus on low valuation, stagflation of the variety. With the continuous fermentation of market opportunities in the second half of the year, the theme opportunities are also along the direction of continued funds. In August, the direction of funds paved the way for this plate in advance. Funds represent the direction, and funds more represent the driving force. At present, the stock in this plate has formed a division, superimposed capital effect, will have power in the follow-up space. For recently, according to emergency department 12, southwest, northwest, north China, northeast China, huanghuai heavy rainfall process, especially the beijing-tianjin-hebei regional heavy rain, the office on August 11th grade 23 start Ⅳ flood control emergency response. The State Prevention Headquarters issued a notice to make special arrangements, and sent another working group to the Haihe River basin to guide flood control and relief work. Huang Ming, deputy general director of the State Prevention Chief and Party secretary of the Ministry of Emergency Management, presided over a consultation and judgment meeting on the night of November 11. The meeting was held with the Ministry of Water Resources, The Ministry of Natural Resources and the China Meteorological Administration. A video connection was made to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces to dispatch and deploy a new round of heavy rainfall prevention and response.  However, Mr Dimon said he was encouraged by signs that the spread of the epidemic was slowing in some states and that the US would finally contain it. He thinks the US will eventually win the war, and predicts that unemployment will fall to around 7 per cent or less by 2021. Analysts believe that the two parties on the stimulus policy negotiations in the United States after a series of twists and turns, now still in a stalemate, affecting the economic recovery. Experts also question whether Mr. Trump can successfully implement his executive order and whether it will go far enough. Taken together, and given the persistence of the epidemic, the road to economic recovery in the United States remains difficult. The dollar has fallen since late May and there have been recent signs of a stabilizing rebound, but the scope for a rebound may remain limited and investors need to be wary.


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