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        Applicants should fill in the registration information in the registration link and upload photos (electronic photo of their recent 2 inch front id, JPG format, size less than 30KB). Candidates who fill in the attachment should also upload the corresponding letter of commitment in the form of pictures (vertical version, face, overall clear picture, JPG format, less than 500KB). 2. Query the review results. After the applicants submit the registration information, the preliminary examination will be completed within 24 hours. The preliminary examination time of the last day of registration will end at 12:00 on August 15. Please pay attention to the examination result of the registration information in time. Those who pass the preliminary examination shall not apply for other posts; Those who fail may apply for other positions within the registration period. The qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. If the applicant fails to meet the requirements of the post he/she is applying for or practices fraud, his/her examination and application qualification will be cancelled at any time. "Love moral cultivation garden alum, sweat for plum fragrance", advancing FuYuan County ink ink red red town center elementary school all teachers and students will be even more united, make persistent efforts, strive for perfection, the parent school work and care, with emphasis on the left-behind children, students develop education do better work, struggling with add new splendor for town education career. (I) The exam does not specify the exam counseling books, nor does it hold or entrust any organization to hold exam counseling training classes. Any tutoring class, tutoring website or publication issued in the name of public institution recruitment examination preparation group, specialized training institution, etc., or Internet access card appears in the society, which has nothing to do with this recruitment. Address: 2nd Floor, Government Service Building, No. 628, Jianlong Avenue, Dingcheng Town, Ding 'an County; Consultation telephone number: 0898-63828660; Technical telephone number of registration website: 0898-36382846; Consultation time: 8:30-12:00 am, 14:30-17:30 PM; consultation is not accepted on holidays; Supervision and reporting telephone: 0898-63800599 (Discipline Inspection and Supervision Unit). 

       The recruitment notice states that the examination is conducted in good faith on the Internet. There is no qualification examination during the online registration. Candidates should be responsible for whether they meet the job conditions. If you have any doubt about whether you are qualified for the post, you should consult relevant departments first and fill in the form after confirming that you are qualified. Qualification will be conducted prior to the interview (medical examination). Those who do not meet the requirements will be disqualified for the exam or employment. "Recruitment notice" determines that the professional reference directory of this recruitment position is "Undergraduate Major Directory of Ordinary institutions of higher learning". The job requirements of "Cultural Instructor 1" for bachelor degree are art design (Media art Design), performance (130301) and Art Design (130501). Wuning County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security argued that: from the new and old professional catalogue comparison can be seen that art design and art design are two different majors of "design", is the relationship between parallel rather than the relationship between species, Qu Jianghuan majored in art design (decoration art design) and art design belong to different majors. Adhere to the "open, equal, competitive, merit-based" principle, in accordance with the employment standards and the professional requirements of the post, open recruitment method, selected. Enter oneself for an examination (3) Chinese, maths, English, politics, preschool education subject position, according to the seven ministries and commissions such as people club department, the Ministry of Education "about dealing with COVID - 19 outbreak affect the implementation of part of the professional qualification" mount guard, and then research "phased measures notice (people club department is sent [2020] no. 24) who meet the requirements for the registration of the class of 2020 college graduates, as well as 2018, 2019 college graduates not to carry out the work unit can enter oneself for an examination, first admission to the mount guard after textual research, in 1 year trial period, has not obtained post requests the teacher certificate, cancel the contract in accordance with the rules. In addition, candidates who meet the registration requirements must hold a teacher qualification certificate when applying for the exam. Applicants for positions in other disciplines are not required to hold a teacher's qualification certificate.   

      , their position conditions are & LDquo; Enterprise management; (Financial management), then major in marketing, human resource management direction is not eligible. In addition to the professional directory has listed the training direction of the professional, the professional name on other graduation certificate in the form of parenthesis listed on the training direction can not serve as the basis for entering a major. Implement avoidance required, any relationship with the institution leading personnel, lineal blood relationship, collateral relative by blood within three generations, artificial blood relatives or closely related by marriage to apply for personnel, may not apply for the unit's secretary, hr, finance, discipline inspection jobs, as well as the leading personnel have a direct relationship between the leadership of the supervisor position. Rural pastoral areas especially poor families, urban families can be exempted from the examination fee. Rural pastoral areas where extremely needy candidates will flag county (city, area) issued by the office of special difficult to prove, especially tired family fundamental condition file card copy, urban low income family where candidates will flag county (city, area) issued by the civil affairs bureau to enjoy low proof and low guarantee copy and ensure yearly check dynamic pages, as well as the photocopy of id of the candidates (indicate the registration number and contact phone number), the solstice on June 15, 2020 before 17:00 on June 23, the related documents scanning to email the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and personnel test center, after verification, exempt from enter oneself for an examination fee. (Special note: the subject line of the email should indicate the candidate's name, registration number, contact number, relationship with the person receiving the subsistence allowance and other information. The scanned copies of relevant documents should not be added into the compressed file.) (1) For the same job qualification examination, the number of qualified candidates and the number of recruitment quota reach (or exceed) 5:1. After passing the written examination, the number of candidates and the number of recruitment quota shall be determined in the ratio of 3:1 from the highest to the lowest according to the written examination results. The written test will not be included in the final score. If the position does not reach this proportion, the examinee with qualified qualification will enter the interview directly. (2) Interview. Through the interview, whether the candidate has the ability to engage in the proposed position. The test score is 100 points, and the minimum interview score is 70% of the average interview score of candidates with an interview score greater than 0. After the interview, the candidates with the lowest interview score will be ranked from the highest to the lowest, and the candidates will be selected for the physical examination one by one according to the 1:1 ratio of the number of candidates and the recruitment quota. If the candidates at the end of the physical examination for the same position have the same interview scores, the organization of the interview and the interview, the way of the interview and the interview are the same, according to the score of the additional test from high to low ranking, one by one to determine the personnel entering the physical examination.     

        According to the business unit personnel management ordinance "measures for the implementation of institution open recruitment staff of hainan province, according to the sanya municipal party committee organization department regarding the zhuhai province hiring of college student village official examination recruitment work in district staff notice (three sets of words [2020] no. 108) documentation requirements, now 2015 and in 2016 the province unified arrangement to the hiring rural development of our service and on-the-job assessment of college student village official orientation is currently looking for a business unit staff. The announcement of relevant matters is as follows: Applicants shall carefully read the recruitment announcement and the recruitment position information form, take the examination according to their personal conditions, and fill in the Registration Form for the Staff of Public Institutions engaged in the Directional Assessment recruitment in 2020 in Jiyang District, Sanya city (Attachment 2) with relevant information in a truthful, comprehensive and accurate manner. (3) In accordance with the requirements of normal epidemic prevention and control, candidates should strictly observe the relevant national regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and accept the health code check and temperature measurement at the corresponding link of recruitment. Only those who pass the health code green and temperature measurement can enter this link. If the candidate's health code is "non-green" and the candidate fails to pass the temperature measurement, a negative test certificate shall be provided within 7 days, and the candidate shall be sent to the local medical staff   

         Before signing up, applicants should apply for ankang code with their real names through the "Wanjiantong" APP, and carefully read the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Instructions during the Examination period" (Annex 3). Eligible to enter oneself for an examination personnel need to fill in "chizhou guichi district public institution staff transferring form (attachment 2), by place unit signed consent to enter oneself for an examination opinions and the town street, carrying his valid identity CARDS at the same time, the original and the copy of degree certificate and job position, experience, such as materials, the recent bareheaded and one inch photos 3, to the specified location registration and qualification censorship. Each applicant can only apply for one post, and shall not apply for posts that avoid the situations listed in Article 38 of The "Interim Measures of Anhui Province on Open Recruitment of Public Institutions". The relevant provisions of physical examination items and standards, such as "Operation Manual for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (Trial)" (Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2016] No. 140), shall be implemented. The medical examination fee shall be borne by the applicants. Those who fail to take the physical examination within the prescribed time will be deemed to have forfeited their recruitment qualification automatically. Those who fail in the initial physical examination may apply to the leading group of examination and recruitment for a reexamination within 3 days from the date of receiving the physical examination results. The reexamination results shall prevail. 2. Inspection. It mainly investigates and understands the candidates' ideological and political performance, moral quality, work performance in the service unit, compliance with discipline and law, personnel files, qualifications required for the proposed post and whether it is necessary to implement the principle of avoidance.  

         School leaders, Party members teachers, head teachers and left-behind children in pairs, arrange "surrogate parents" for left-behind children, from life, learning, emotional and other aspects to give them care and help, so that the left-behind children away from their parents "heart is loved, body is protected, difficult to help"; Students are assisted in pairs. Excellent students and student cadres are selected in the class to carry out "mental health education for some left-behind children who are isolated, self-abasement, self-abandonment and other unhealthy psychology". Psychological health education classes are set up, and psychological counseling rooms are set up. Face to face and heart to heart psychological counseling for left-behind children, timely detection, correct counseling, careful correction, effective solution, to establish the confidence of left-behind children.  

      Innovative way of thinking, from Chinese products to Chinese brands. Manufacturing large in our country, the products are available in the market, Lin Lin always, countless however do not represent essence, large-scale, fast speed of development is only low volume - talk about car we will think of the German rigorous, think of gadget we first reaction is Japan's delicate, but the image of Chinese products are mostly low-end and cheap. Careful reflection, the emergence of these problems lies in the quantity of the mode of operation while the competitiveness is not strong, but also can guarantee a certain amount of income, whereas if the transformation and upgrading, improve the quality of our products and create own brand is facing the unknown competition, unstable income, so many enterprises are conformism and reluctant to change. If China's manufacturing industry wants to get rid of the situation of "constant waiting for death, change will bring death", it must change its business thinking, transform from low-end products to high-end brands, and take the road of "branding" development.   The employer shall organize an inspection of the personnel to be hired, and review the qualifications of the personnel to be inspected. If any unqualified candidate is found during the inspection, he/she shall be disqualified for employment and shall clearly inform the inspected party of his/her conclusion and basis. Those who pass the inspection will be determined as the personnel to be hired. The information of the personnel to be hired will be publicized through shenyang talent network and huishenghua WeChat public number, and the publicity period will be 3 working days. Upon completion of the publicity, the personnel without objection to the publicity shall sign the Labor Dispatch Contract with the third-party agency. The employing unit shall investigate and deal with the persons who have objections to the announcement. The system of probationary period shall be implemented for personnel openly recruited. The probationary period is 2 months. If the probationary period is qualified, the employee shall be formally hired. Those who fail to pass the examination (including those who fail to obtain the corresponding teacher qualification within one year) shall be cancelled. Within the term of the labor contract, the employer may allocate the contracted dispatched teachers among schools according to work needs, and the contracted dispatched teachers shall be subject to post adjustment.  To meet the needs of the city's educational work, with the consent of the municipal government, decided to face the society for the city's direct school examination recruitment system of 40 teachers. In accordance with the interim provisions on the institution open recruitment personnel (6th order) of the People's Republic of China ministry of personnel, the agency and staffing committee of the CPC henan provincial party committee of the CPC henan provincial party committee organization department's office of human resources and social security hall of henan province about for the provincial institution open recruitment college graduates work related issues notice "(yu SheBan [2020] no. 33)," about for the provincial institution open recruitment college graduates work related issues notice "(people club department is sent [2020] no. 24) and the relevant provisions of the provincial, municipal institution open recruitment, formulated the following examination enroll work plan:

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