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          Looking forward to the subsequent market, they believe that after the registration system of GEM is implemented, the overall valuation of GEM is expected to improve, especially the existing leading companies in technology and emerging industries of GEM may enjoy higher valuation. Industry, good financial sector IT, because in the short term, the gem of registered landing is conducive to improve turnover and liquidity of the market, investors for financial IT service requirements will be A growth trend, in the long run, A shares system reform and the deepening of open policy in the next few years are the focus of the power, for the financial service industry of financial technology, financial companies like IT, will be A great opportunity. The increase of market activity and the expansion of stock capacity will attract more funds to participate in the gem transactions, but it may be detrimental to small-capitalization companies in the GEM, because there will be new listed companies constantly to attract capital attention. During the period to obtain foreign (overseas) full-time academic degree (with the date of signing the certificate), and through China's educational departments to foreign (overseas) academic degree certification returned personnel, also can enter oneself for an examination only the university fresh graduates enter oneself for a position.

         On January 24, 2018, huang song min told inspection office, the fifth discipline inspection of wuning county commission for discipline inspection, that during the registration period, candidates inquired: "can this position (" cultural instructor 1") art design or art design (XX direction) major be registered?" After asking the city bureau career section, comrade Liu Jian made it clear that: can enter oneself for an examination. Song Min huang said, "cultural counsellor 1" post shortlisted for the interview first QuJiangHuan for professional art design (decoration art design), the second XXL a specialty as an art and design, third KeWenDi for art and design professional (media art design), according to the city bureau issued "about the second half of 2017 qualification censorship" in article 5 of the second answer about the specialty and the new catalogue: "learn the major of art design, the old man with old way, the art design as a major categories, insist on art design, art and design (XX) can enter oneself for an examination." Zhang xu also said that in July, both the structure of the loan data and the ratio between the various components of the scale of social financing were further optimized. Specifically, the proportion of enterprises in loans in the medium and long term increased, the proportion of direct financing in social financing increased, and the proportion of non-standard financing decreased. For example, the non-financial nature of new RMB loans, and the demand for infrastructure financing brought by the high growth of fiscal financing, etc. At the same time, the growth rate of narrow money (M1) rose in July, which reduced the "M2-M1" scissors gap or indicated the strengthening of investment demand in the real economy. In addition to the lower than expected new credit and financing, the number of new deposits in the month increased significantly, making M2 growth also slowed down. New yuan deposits in July were just 80.3 billion yuan, 28197 billion yuan less than in The previous month and 561.7 billion yuan less than in the same month last year. The year-on-year growth rate of M2 was 0.4 percentage points lower than the end of last month.  

      All this stake “ Small & throughout; , which solved the practical problems concerned by villagers. The once stinky puddle of Xiaohuangya village is now a small square; Once the broken house rotten courtyard, now has been repaired; The clean and tidy concrete road leads to each house. On both sides of the road, trees are green and flowers are in full bloom. The picturesque scene before us is quite different from before. & other; At present, we are working on improving the facilities in the village so that the villagers can live comfortably. Throughout the &; Next, Said Zuo, The village will rely on existing resources, adjust measures to local conditions, create highlights, implement. Party branch + cooperative; Mode: Promote the development of village collective economy through land transfer, Chinese herbal medicine planting, home stay tourism and other projects.  Provincial Agricultural labor painting and calligraphy institute secretary general, professor Pan Xiao of design school also had dealt with shunnet for many years. & other; More than 10 years ago, When I was working in Tencent, I was very familiar with Shunnet. Shunnet has good communication power and public praise, is our all kinds of tweets put the platform of choice. Throughout the &; She suggested that Shunnet to its own platform to do more packaging promotion, let more people know, pay attention to it. Yang Feng, vice chairman of The Provincial Federation of Literature and Art, and vice Chairman of the Provincial Artists Association, believes that the current Internet platform and enterprise development is a good opportunity, and traditional media groups can learn from and integrate the communication methods of new media, so as to be more flexible in form and easy to share with the audience. At the same time, he also hopes that the media can promote the popularization of painting and calligraphy culture. & other; We should popularize the knowledge of painting and calligraphy and the knowledge of appreciation among ordinary people, carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, pass on the classics, and enable more people to feel the charm of painting and calligraphy. Throughout the &; He said. The first China brigade expo focus on kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new, centralized display of cultural creative industry, boutique travel industry and agriculture, industry, education, science and technology, sports, medical health industry integration development, particularly with large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5 g, VR/AR, quantum communication and so on the new development of science and technology, the depth of the fusion of new forms, expand cultural tourism industry chain optimization. During the exhibition period, the first China Cultural Travel Expo insists on promoting the travel by writing and highlighting the travel by writing. Concept integration, function integration, industry integration, market integration, service integration, communication integration; Through the exhibition of results, product trading, project promotion, theme forum, cultural performance and other ways, not only can promote the excellent culture of Qilu, but also can enrich. Hospitable Shandong; Brand connotation, promote the deep integration of culture and tourism, realize the sharing of resources, complementary advantages.  

      The statement also said, "Ke Wendi came to our bureau to report that Qu jianghuan's major was not in line with the post requirements. I went to the bureau to report with Deputy director Zheng Chuanxian, and the reply was: There is no problem with this examination. If any candidates have doubts about this result, please give your opinions. Deputy director Zheng Chuanxian and I communicated with the employer face to face. Director Jiang Debiao of the Bureau of Culture, Guangzhou and New Technology clearly agreed with the result of the qualification examination. Candidates majoring in art design (decoration art design) are also qualified for this position." "Before and after the written examination, I consulted the Wuning County Human Resources bureau twice to confirm whether my major could be applied for the post. All I got was a positive reply, 'Major meets the requirements and I can apply for the post'." What puzzled Qu Jianghuan was why, after the written test and interview, he was brushed off for saying that his major did not conform to the requirements of the post.     

      Daily earnings will continue to pay attention to this. Country Garden's journey to the World's top 500 started in July 2017. This year, there were 10 Chinese companies on the list for the first time, and Country Garden was the only new real estate company on the list, ranking 467. It was also the first year that the company topped the sales league table for Chinese real estate companies. In 2018, country Garden climbed 114 places to 353 places on the basis of significantly improved sales performance. In 2019, the company was even more aggressive, jumping 176 places to 177th, the fastest rise in the world. From an individual point of view, country Garden has been breaking the ceiling of growth in the past four years. According to the statistics from the third party, its full-caliber sales increased from 308.84 billion yuan in 2016 to about 771.53 billion yuan in 2019, with an increase of 149.8%. The improvement in profitability was even more marked, with operating revenue increasing by 217 percent from 153.09 billion yuan to 485.91 billion yuan. The net profit increased by 348% to 61.2 billion yuan from 13.7 billion yuan.      

      Qin Xiuchun, a member of the standing Committee of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and director of the trial room, said that since the beginning of this year, the clues to follow up problems have been intensively and thoroughly investigated in 47 key problems assigned by the central supervision group. A total of 37 corruption-related and umbrella related cases have been investigated and 357 people have been dealt with. For example, five provincial and 31 county-level officials were investigated and punished, including liu Yuancheng, a former deputy department-level judge of the Provincial High Court and former President of the Jinan Railway Intermediate People's Court. Who's buying weird ice cream? Ten yuan a "high cold" ice cream sell well? Ji 'nan people eat ice cream, not just a picture of "quench one's thirst"    Enlightened to build consensus on reform. Considering the special situation of epidemic prevention and control this year, The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also approved. Transitional arrangements. , allow the period of validity of the financial statements cited in the prospectus and the financial statements of the relevant assets involved in the material assets reorganization report to be extended by one month when the ipo, merger and reorganization are examined by enterprises and new declaration enterprises submit their applications this year. In order to make the rules more perfect and build a broader consensus, The Shenzhen Stock Exchange solicited public or targeted opinions on 14 rules requiring the approval of the CSRC before and after the meeting, and fully absorbed reasonable and feasible opinions and Suggestions into the relevant institutional rules. For example, the delisting index of 500 million yuan market value proposed by some investors seems to be. It is a little bit high & throughout; Question: The formal draft of the rules further optimizes the delisting index, and adjusts the market value of the delisting index to the daily closing value of less than 300 million yuan for 20 consecutive trading days.  

      In recent years, relevant documents have been issued and carried out all over the country. Cd-rom action. Vigorously control the wind of waste, & LDquo; Waste on the tip of one's tongue. The phenomenon has improved. But it is also important to note that unhealthy consumer attitudes and values still exist. Some people think that living conditions are better, waste nothing, and waste is consumption, there is no big mistake. Admittedly, life is better, eat a bit better, eat a bit more refined, expand consumption not only just as well but also should. Especially in the face of the epidemic, we should give top priority to boosting consumer confidence and expanding consumption capacity. However, waste can be consumed but not wasted, and waste should not be regarded as consumption. That kind of & other; Eat less and eat much less. And let & other; Food waste rather than takeaway. Is a culture that needs to be abandoned. We should create an atmosphere in the whole society where waste is shameful and economy is honored. Eat as much as you like. & other; Take away if you can't eat. It's the order of the day. The catering market should increase its appeal, strengthen supervision, and create more conditions with fewer obstacles. With a population of 1.4 billion and over 400 million middle-income groups, China has a vast domestic market. At present, firmly implementing the strategy of expanding domestic demand has become an inevitable requirement to further stimulate economic vitality, accumulate development momentum and hedge against the downside risks of the world economy. The path map for boosting domestic demand is clear: Recently, Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that we should actively expand consumption demand, implement consumption policies, guide the direction of consumption, improve the consumption environment and enhance the consumption ability. To effectively expand investment demand, the key is to make full use of funds from the central budget, special bonds issued by local governments, and special Treasury bonds issued to fight the epidemic. Two new and one important. We will strengthen areas of weakness in public health and other areas, and speed up the renovation of old urban residential areas. We will fully implement major regional strategies and promote the integration of city clusters and urban and rural areas. Structural adjustment and slower growth of social finance are both related to trend factors and also show that monetary policy is becoming more and more targeted. This is not only conducive to accurate rescue of the real economy, but also conducive to preventing and defusing financial risks. In the next stage, the focus of monetary policy will shift from quantitative easing to structural optimization, and the probability of cutting reserve requirements and interest rates will be reduced, so as to give greater play to the role of structural monetary policy tools. All this stake “ Small & throughout; , which solved the practical problems concerned by villagers. The once stinky puddle of Xiaohuangya village is now a small square; Once the broken house rotten courtyard, now has been repaired; The clean and tidy concrete road leads to each house. On both sides of the road, trees are green and flowers are in full bloom. The picturesque scene before us is quite different from before. & other; At present, we are working on improving the facilities in the village so that the villagers can live comfortably. Throughout the &; Next, Said Zuo, The village will rely on existing resources, adjust measures to local conditions, create highlights, implement. Party branch + cooperative; Mode: Promote the development of village collective economy through land transfer, Chinese herbal medicine planting, home stay tourism and other projects.

      National economy of the National Development and Reform Commission secretary yan inati has said at the news conference, China has a population of 1.4 billion strong domestic market, and live with a line of traditional consumption, such as cultural tourism endowment service consumption, such as digital network information such as the new consumption, space is large, to supply high quality products and services, adaptation, lead and create new demand. In the opinion of Chen Lifen, director and researcher of service industry Department of circulation Industry Promotion Center of Ministry of Commerce, it is the key to maintain steady economic development to give full play to the advantages of domestic super-large scale market, take consumption as the internal driving force of economic development, and build an economic system dominated by domestic great circulation. At present, there are more and more factors supporting the recovery of the consumer market. People's consumer confidence and consumption expectations have recovered, and the consumer market will maintain a stable and positive trend in the second half of the year. The second is to eat less high-calorie food. Meat, Fried food, sweet food with high fat, high calorie characteristics. & other; Three high & throughout; After the high fat diet, it is easy to cause the increase of blood fat, increase of blood viscosity, local blood flow slowing down, and platelet aggregation is easy to induce myocardial infarction. Again, eat less spicy and stimulating food. Summer is humid, people have a poor appetite, some people would like to eat some spicy food to appetite. However, spicy food can severely stimulate the oral cavity and gastrointestinal mucosa, making them highly congested, and at the same time accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, causing stomachache, diarrhea and other symptoms. Because some hypertensive patient eats pungent and pungent food in great quantities, the result causes blood pressure to rise, heart rate is accelerated, appear acute heart attack even wait for serious consequence.    No matter be civil servant exam or institution exam, the place that has doubt to enter oneself for an examination must consult first recruit unit, enter oneself for an examination only after getting approbate, lest affected follow-up recruit. In a fit of rage, Qu Jianghuan sued the Wuning County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Jiujiang City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Wuning County Cultural, Guangxin Tourism Bureau. In the public examination of public institutions, Qu Jianghuan learned later that he reported his major did not meet the post requirements, which led to his unqualified qualification reexamination is the second candidate Ke Wendi, and Ke's father is a deputy director of the local justice bureau, so Qu Jianghuan suspected that he had encountered "radish recruitment". After the media reported the incident, public opinion heated debate.