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         Zibo & LDQuo; Elite talent recruitment action. (The fifth batch) General Chapter, in accordance with the regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions and other relevant provisions, is now the fifth batch of Zibo & LDQUO; Elite talent recruitment action. The related announcements of the first recruitment of municipal health system are as follows. Years (including the probationary period) of the civil servants and the reference to the management of civil servant law, in the recruitment of civil servants and institution open recruitment recruitment (hiring) determined by the competent authority of serious disciplinary violations, and shall apply for personnel, personnel of the object being joint punishment in accordance with the law as a faithless, active servicemen, "avoid personnel management regulations" (people club department rules  

      , high quality customer service quality, execution, team spirit, creative ability, good at cross-department communication and coordination, proactive coordination of internal and external resources, good professional ethics. 1. Strong writing and publicity planning skills, strong information collection, integration, transformation and editing skills; Ability to independently develop training courseware, give lectures and take classes is preferred; Responsible for the daily work of consumer rights and interests of the branch, and lead the study and training of consumer rights and interests protection knowledge; To take the lead in carrying out various financial knowledge publicity and education activities; To be responsible for organizing the implementation of various work related to consumer rights and interests transferred by regulatory agencies, trade associations and social organizations; Responsible for the rating work of the outlets.     The number of qualified persons should not be less than 2:1 in proportion to the number of planned positions. If the proportion is not reached, the number of the position selection plan will be cancelled. Candidates who have lost their jobs may apply for other jobs from 10:00 to 16:00 on August 21. The selection will be made by means of written examination. The written test will be conducted in a closed-book format with a maximum score of 100. It mainly tests the comprehensive quality of policy theory level, ability of analyzing and solving practical problems, ability of writing expression and so on. Applicants are required to hold a valid resident identity card and admission ticket. According to the written test results from high to low order, according to the number of selected plan to determine the candidates. If there are more than one candidate with the same score, the last one will be determined as the candidate for examination. If there is a vacancy in the candidates, the written test results of the position will be filled from high to low in turn, and the filling will only be done once. Uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China, abide by national laws and regulations, love the cause of higher education, have good conduct, academic ethics and professional ethics, teamwork spirit, no academic misconduct; (ten thousand yuan), and to solve the spouse's work, assist to solve the children's enrollment, care, provide the campus transitional housing, meet the requirements of hebei Province title evaluation, title can be a higher level of employment;

         Only by being fully prepared and doing your best can you seize the opportunity and change the situation. I am the minority of the many, and the majority of the few. I am the unlucky among the lucky, but also the lucky among the lucky." Life is a journey, and I am a traveler." Now I am still one of a herd of unsuccessful job seekers. We this group of "calf" people recklessly bump into, in this road grope and roll, fall black and blue, be in a mess, but "long wind and waves will sometimes", as long as constantly reflect, constantly improve, seize the opportunity, I believe that one day we can "straight hang cloud sail to aid the sea"! If the application for reexamination is submitted within days, the reexamination shall be arranged at another hospital of the same level or higher than the level of physical examination qualification. If the employer, the candidate and his/her family still have doubts about the result of the reexamination, the hospital undertaking the reexamination shall organize relevant experts for consultation and make a final conclusion. Those who are unable to complete the physical examination due to pregnancy shall be executed in accordance with the relevant national policies. Those who fail to attend the physical examination on time shall be regarded as giving up the qualification. It mainly inspects the candidates' political thought, moral quality, law-abiding, self-discipline consciousness, ability and quality, working attitude, study and work performance as well as situations needing to be avoided. Those who do not participate in the investigation in accordance with the regulations shall be regarded as giving up their qualifications.  

          Candidates in the process of assessment (written examination, registration) was found or active report physical discomfort, the fever, cough and other respiratory tract abnormalities of retest review, by the stagnation point to evaluate the medical staff, have to continue to finish (written examination, registration) to test the examinee to continue the inspection (written examination, registration) does not have to continue to finish (written examination, registration) to test the examinee, the stagnation point medical staff properly disposed of in accordance with the regulations. During the examination (written examination), the examinee who cannot attend the examination (written examination) due to physical reasons will be deemed to give up automatically. In the appraisal employment work, ensures the information, the process, the result is open, accepts the society and the related department's supervision. Those who violate the regulations or engage in fraud shall, once verified, be disqualified for employment, and the relevant personnel shall be seriously dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations. Those who violate the regulations of the examination discipline shall be dealt with according to the measures of Sichuan Province for the violation of the regulations of the personnel examination issued by the Provincial Personnel Department and the Provincial Supervision Department A nursing unit. Xi Xian New Area emergency center, maternity hospital, children's hospital, famous hospital, non-disease physical examination center, clinical examination center, medical imaging center, prenatal screening center, pathological diagnosis center, disinfection supply center. Adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine hospital, giving full play to the advantages of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine actively, at the end of the year, salty campus in functions, business perfect, layout optimization, advanced equipment, process flow, service efficiency, environmental conditions, comprehensive begin exert positive national district central hospital service functions, to vigorously promote the overall development of west salty district medical and health service system, strive to build a comprehensive ability strong, the obvious advantages of Chinese and western medicine combined with outstanding features, service level, set medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, health management and cultural inheritance as one of the university hospital and regional medical center.

       If the state has other provisions, the provisions shall be implemented. The probationary period is included in the term of the employment contract. Those qualified after the probation period shall be formally employed; The unqualified will be cancelled. Registration method: online registration is adopted. The applicant shall send the application form for recruitment of staff in Hospital of Shenyang Institute of Technology (see the attachment) to the designated email box within the specified time. The school combines the specific requirements of the recruitment conditions to conduct a qualification examination of the applicants. The applicant shall provide the id card, academic degree certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate (original and copy), qualifications and other requirements in the recruitment information according to the registration information. The qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. If the personal conditions do not meet the requirements of the declared post, the applicant's qualification can be cancelled at any time. After the written examination results are announced, the qualification of those who enter the interview will be reviewed.     

      In general, it includes politics, law, economy, humanities, geography, science and technology, life and other aspects, which require continuous accumulation of partners for a long time. Today in census object is (not including Hong Kong, Macao special administrative region and Taiwan province) as a legal person units engaged in the second and third industry, industrial activity units and self-employed, census on industry covers all walks of life, except agriculture census include: basic properties, financial condition, the production and business operation situation and production capacity, raw material and energy consumption, science and technology activities, from personnel of course of study, etc., questionnaire type 42 kinds, more than 1000 survey indicators.    The introduction of high-level talent work, under the leadership of the county Party Committee talent work leading group, led by the county Party Committee organization Department, the county Party Committee talent work leading group office is responsible for the specific implementation. D) According to article 3 of the Regulations on National Economic Census, economic census work shall be organized and carried out in accordance with the principles of unified national leadership, division of labor and coordination among departments, local levels of responsibility and joint participation of all parties.

      The introduction of high-level talent work, under the leadership of the county Party Committee talent work leading group, led by the county Party Committee organization Department, the county Party Committee talent work leading group office is responsible for the specific implementation.      

      Investigation adopts individual talk, on the spot to inspect, consult data, consult by letter, with the method that inspects object interview to combine, undertake comprehensive investigation to examine candidate. Those who fail to provide personnel files and relevant procedures on time during the inspection period shall be disqualified for employment. (I) The "public Recruitment Notice for Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten Teachers in Fan County in 2020" and relevant recruitment information will be published in the designated recruitment media, and no other means will be adopted to inform each applicant. Applicants must pay close attention to information published by the designated media. Those who fail to participate in the recruitment process on time or as required shall bear the consequences. (4) according to the April 2020 jointly issued by the seven ministries and commissions of the state of "about dealing with COVID - 19 outbreak affect the implementation of part of the professional qualification" mount guard, and then research "phased measures of notice, the class of 2020 college graduates, and 2018, 2019 annual plans (all are in full-time) has not yet been to carry out the work of college graduates, in accordance with the conditions for the teachers' qualification examination and teachers' qualification about the ideological and political quality, mandarin level, physical condition and other requirements, can not restricted by" a corresponding post teaching certificate "to sign up. Those who are recruited and fail to obtain the teacher qualification certificate of corresponding position within one year's probation period shall terminate the employment contract according to law. Those who have obtained relevant academic qualifications recently and guarantee that they will obtain academic certificate, academic certificate, medical practitioner qualification certificate and standardized training certificate for resident psychiatrists in psychiatric department at the end of the year of graduation (or issue a certificate of qualification) will be dismissed if they cannot obtain the certificate after the deadline. Personnel who have obtained intermediate or above professional title of mental health can verify professional title certificate, and there is no compulsory requirement for standardized training certificate of doctors. Other requirements: I have obtained academic certificate, degree certificate, medical practitioner qualification certificate, and qualified certificate (or qualified certificate) for standardized training of resident psychiatrists in psychiatry. Personnel who have obtained intermediate or above professional title of mental health may verify professional title certificate, and there is no compulsory requirement for standardized training certificate for doctors. (2) Investigation. Personnel Department and Sports College organize the inspection of the qualified personnel, mainly investigating the political quality, moral quality, professional ability, work achievements, etc. This plan is open to the selection and transfer of 5 civil servants (participating managers) for rural towns and streets in the district. The specific positions are listed in the "Open Selection and transfer of civil servants (participating managers) for Rural towns and streets in The District in 2020 in Guichi District" (see Annex 1). The selected positions are for the rural towns and streets in Guichi district (excluding Chiyang, Qiupu, Qingfeng, Xinghua Village, Jiangkou and Qingxi streets), which have been registered as civil servants and are on the staff, the four-level chief staff who have been transferred due to their ranks, and the four-level chief staff who have been transferred from graduate to regular grade. (4) Meet the age conditions for public selection. "Under the age of 40" means any person born after August 18, 1979; "Under the age of 35" means those born after August 18, 1984. 


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