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原标题: No one monopolizes adult products in Yuxian County  

        Every year since 2017, Shenzhen has launched a "I will wait for you in Shenzhen" promotional video. Huawei, BYD and DJI, three representative companies born every ten years apart, are the beginning of the 2019 version. Since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, chefs have tried and enriched the single meal package, "single meal is not wasted, the appropriate size, high cost performance, once launched in the market, is welcomed by everyone". "There were a lot of people in our shop in the morning, such as steamed bread, steamed bread and porridge." The owner of the store, which has been open for more than 20 years, says business has been good and there are still people who drive all the way to clock in. According to the boss, most of the customers who come to the restaurant will "disc action", and few of them will leave 2 yuan for a shao mai, or choose to pack it if they can't finish it. "After all, they buy it with money, and shao mai is quite expensive, so it is not wasteful."  

      The former VICE President of the United States and democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has confirmed that he has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate. Biden and Harris will be formally nominated next week at the Democratic National Convention through a video from across the country due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Kamala Harris, a California senator, will reportedly become the first black woman to run as a running mate for a major party's presidential candidate. Harris is an immigrant with a multiracial background, and her Allies see her as a complement to biden and others. Harris has long been seen as the most likely choice because of his experience as a U.S. senator, former California attorney general and former San Francisco district attorney. Among other things, she has worked on criminal justice reform, improved health care for Black Americans and tackled income inequality, and is seen joining Biden's team as a symbol of changing America. On July 14, Lanzi Shares issued the first half of this year's performance forecast, the company is expected to net loss of the first half of 3 million to 6 million yuan, compared with the first quarter report estimated the first half of the net loss of 19 million to 28 million yuan, a clear sign of recovery. Lanzi said that in the second quarter of this year, its women's wear business increased its online operation and marketing efforts and reduced its offline terminal sales. Meanwhile, it fully resumed its medical beauty business, which made the overall revenue and gross margin recover better than expected in the second quarter, and the short-term loss of the company affected by coVID-19 epidemic eased somewhat. In recent years, Shenzhen has made every effort to build a whole-process innovation ecological chain of "basic research + technological breakthrough + achievement industrialization + science and technology finance". In particular, basic research is an innovative foundation project and the source of innovation. Institutional innovation is indispensable. In November 2018, shenzhen's implementation measures on strengthening basic scientific research were approved in principle by the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee, encouraging free exploratory research and encouraging innovation from 0 to 1. In July 2019, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Plan Management Reform Plan, known as "Article 22 science and Technology Reform", was issued. Through the establishment, integration, expansion and optimization of science and technology planning projects, the "22 Items of science and Technology Reform" strives to form a scientific and technological planning system with a reasonable overall layout and clear functional positioning of "One category of research funds, five special projects and 24 categories". The drafters said that the reform plan reflects the characteristics of "marketization of the system architecture, internationalization of key links, initiative of government layout, stabilization of university support, gradient of talent support, closer cooperation between Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, and comprehensive international exchanges", which can provide important support for the construction of the pilot demonstration area. Another woman, Surnamed Wang, said she could not bear to waste food. "Our generation has suffered a lot. I've been through food shortages, so I can't stand to waste." For Wang Auntie and their, although the conditions are better now, but save food has become a habit. Ruan Qingfeng, first secretary of Chajia Village, Fuyang Town, Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County: Actively strive for more than 5 million yuan of project funds, to build the whole village improvement project. Infrastructure such as sightseeing walkways, viewing platforms, leisure squares and cultural buildings has been built. Chen Yi, a villager from Chajia Village, Fuyang Town, Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County: It has increased dozens of times compared to the original. I nearly 60 years old, do not know immediately get such a situation, three years of change is good big, now I live at home looking at (scenery) very cool, come back to eat a full meal out to enjoy the cool especially comfortable. Tourist Yin Hang: After coming here, it was quite nice to see, because it was nice to see not only the lake, but also some of the Skyline of Fuchuan. After coming here, I feel that this decoration is very beautiful, and then there is a kind of earth-shaking change with the former countryside, which is to give a person a refreshing feeling.

      Shenzhen Special Zone News, August 11, 2020 - The jewelry Happy Shopping activity of the second "Pengcheng Happy Travel shopping in August" series promoting consumption sponsored by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Luohu District government was launched yesterday. Activity will take advantage of shenzhen jewelry industry agglomeration, led by government plays, association, enterprise investment, around the "quality and purchasing" live "purchase" "brand purchase" "treasure to buy" four themes, carry out 36 games in the whole August jewelry to promote consumer activity, with cross-border cooperation, industry linkage, focus on promotion, to create a variety of gold jewelry consumption, stimulate the consumption demand of high quality. At the same time, promote the "Shenzhen jewelry" brand, improve the initiative of the jewelry industry, add new impetus to the development of the industry. National Bureau of Statistics, the city department, said senior statistician Dong Lijuan foods, such as food and beverage service gradually restored, pork consumption demand continues to increase, at the same time, the parts due to flooding has certain influence on the dispatching of live pigs, pork price rise than last month, pork prices rose 10.3% month-on-month, increase than expanded 6.7% last month. Affected by the adverse weather, the price of fresh vegetables rose by 6.3%, an increase of 3.5 percentage points. As the number of laying hens decreased, the egg production rate declined in summer. The price of eggs rose by 4.0% after nine consecutive months of decline. Fresh fruit came to market in large quantities, and the price continued to fall by 4.4%, narrowing the decline by 3.2 percentage points compared with the previous month. Non-food prices were flat, down 0.1 per cent from the previous month. Among non-food items, gasoline and diesel prices rose 2.5 percent and 2.7 percent, respectively, due to fluctuations in international crude oil prices. The price of air tickets and hotel accommodation increased by 2.9 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively. Discounts on summer wear intensified, with clothing prices down 0.5%.    

           Only by using precise force and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects can we concentrate our forces to fight and annihilate wars. How the livelihood of the people feel is the criterion to judge small not well-off. To complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, we need to focus on improving areas where people's wellbeing is weak, strengthen the social security system to ensure that those who have the least to lose will not experience a backlash, increase the people's sense of gain, and forge a strong "net of happiness" for the people. Shenzhen should fully seize the historic opportunity of building the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the pilot demonstration area to drive the development of "two zones", set a benchmark for people's livelihood, provide high-quality services to improve people's sense of gain, happiness and security. Shenzhen should also vigorously promote the experience of digital government and smart city construction. In particular, it should introduce new experience such as "big data epidemic prevention" and "intelligent resumption of work and production", so as to show the ingenuity of an innovative city in solving people's livelihood issues. CCTV news: The national Poverty Alleviation Vocational Skills Competition co-sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council kicked off in Datong, Shanxi yesterday. The competition is China's first professional skills competition on the theme of poverty alleviation. More than 300 contestants are all from poor families with registered CARDS. For the competition on the electrician, the maids, e-commerce division, such as eight games, from the national document tent card poor families 341 contestants will be competitive in 2 days, finally decide the gold, silver and bronze MEDALS, won the gold medal and the worker for the unit, will be human resources and social security ministry awarded the title of "national technical experts".

      At about 17:19 that day, it was the evening rush hour. After learning the situation, in order to give the injured girl to fight for a shorter time to treat, Luohu brigade Sungang Squadron cavalry members on the spot duty police division quickly. On the one hand, the situation will be reported to the traffic police brigade sub-command center, for the patients planning the fastest route; On the other hand, open the green channel, drive the cuirassiers back and forth to form a coordination, and sound the siren to open the way for the vehicle carrying the patient. Under the escort of the traffic police, the car arrived at the Second People's Hospital of Shenzhen city in a smooth and safe way. The whole journey took only 10 minutes, which won precious treatment time for the injured girl. The girl is in stable condition and her life is not in danger.  Seeing this hot search, many netizens said that this kind of disciplinary measures really keep pace with The Times, "Hahaha, Geili!" ", "good judgment", "looking forward to a more civilized network environment" and so on the refresh trend. From the reactions of netizens, it is not difficult to see that many people have been suffering from the "anger" and "negative energy" in their friends circle for a long time. You see that? The circle of friends is not outside the law, nor can you be capricious. If you are insulted, slandered or attacked, you don't have to swallow your pride. We have the support of the law. Contemporary people also need to reflect, with the popularity of various social networking software, everyone has more channels to express their opinions. But while enjoying this convenience, do not use "freedom of speech" to make up your irrational and immoral behaviors, and do not use the thinking of "my place and I am the master" to vent curmudgeonly and negative energy everywhere. Otherwise, once the infringement of other people's rights and interests, touch the bottom line of the law, will suffer the consequences, hate the world no "regret medicine" to buy.  Address: Room 229, Shenzhen Entrance Examination Office, No. 1068, Nigang West Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen; Zip code: 518000; Receiving unit: College Entrance Examination Department of Shenzhen Entrance Examination Office. Please submit before the deadline and mark "Normative documents for Comments" on the cover

      In addition, Director Xing pointed out that many elderly friends, did not timely detection or attention to glaucoma, glaucoma did not get timely detection and treatment, could have retained good vision, but delayed until treatment difficulties or other complications of the eye, even appeared blind. Therefore, once the old friends have eye abnormalities, should go to the hospital as soon as possible, even if there is no eye discomfort, also should be a regular (half a year or a year) eye health check. After the lecture, the medical staff of Shenzhen Huasha Eye Hospital conducted eye health examination for the veterans, including naked eye vision, intraocular pressure, computer optometry, slit lamp, fundus photography and so on. During the examination, the medical staff accompanied, took care of, guided and assisted the veteran cadres all the way, and gave professional treatment advice for the problems found in the examination. Live in order to better understand the promoting effect of tourism, intuitive two live to consumers and businesses (scenic area), of the impact of the shenzhen news in a week of time through the "start" this whole media live questionnaire survey and enterprise pays a return visit to live behind watched 8 million +, in the form of data for an investigation. To "build the 40th anniversary of the shenzhen special economic zone, shenzhen cultural tourism bureau of radio, film and television of shenzhen radio, film and television group, the accelerating power shenzhen tourism industry, promote the" guangdong guangdong "swim" in global tourism action "brigade body to promote consumer activity, such as on July 25, August 1, hold to" it's going!" With a total viewing volume of more than 8 million, the two live broadcasts were a complete success.     With the steady improvement of epidemic prevention and control, Jewelry consumption in Shenzhen has shown good resilience. Since March, driven by the combination of gold and silver prices and the recovery of consumer demand, shenzhen's jewelry consumption market has continued to show a rapid recovery momentum. By April, the retail sales of gold, silver and jewelry products have increased, with a year-on-year growth of 3.1% in May and a year-on-year growth of 22.4% in June. "Through multiple online live streaming platforms as well as offline promotion and publicity efforts, we have helped merchants develop customers and get rid of the impact of the epidemic as soon as possible." Chen Yeping, general manager of Shuibeiwanshan Jewelry Industry Development Co., LTD in Shenzhen, said that the overall sales of jewelry merchants in Shuibeiwanshan have recovered to nearly 80 percent before the epidemic.

       It is understood that this year, the total prize amount of the competition has increased to 2 million yuan, among which there are 6 first, second and third prizes in the enterprise group, and the total prize amount is 1 million yuan. 6 team awards with a total bonus of 700,000 yuan. In addition, there are various forms of the competition this year, and more attention is paid to the transformation of the competition results. The first special biomedical workshop was set up to facilitate the integrated development of the industry. To build a "cloud platform" for the event and enhance the brand influence of Guangming District through the operation of online entrepreneurship and innovation platform; Pre-competition project tracking and one-to-one professional training; To set up a "Light-creating Investment team" to solve the financing difficulties of participating projects; Link major banking institutions to create project capital "solutions".    

        In 2019, Shenzhen will usher in a "double zone drive" and enter a new stage of building a "double center of science and innovation". The Outline of the Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area at the beginning of this year determined that the Greater Bay Area should be built into an international scientific and technological innovation center. The pilot demonstration zone document issued by the CPC Central Committee in August made it clear that shenzhen should be the main base for the construction of a comprehensive national science center. In March this year, five ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission, jointly issued a document and formally proposed the "Shenzhen Comprehensive National Science Center" for the first time. After Huairou in Beijing, Zhangjiang in Shanghai and Hefei, Shenzhen has become the fourth comprehensive national science center in China. "Twin centers of science and innovation" refer to the international center for Science and Technology innovation and the comprehensive national science center. Science and technology centers focus on application and industry; Science center emphasizes foundation, partial research. Guo Wanda, executive vice President of the Institute, said, "The two centers are not only the strategic layout of the country's major scientific and technological innovation, but also the need for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area." Fan Jianping, President of the Shenzhen Advanced Institute of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that Shenzhen follows the path of "E (engineering) -- T (technology) -- S (science)" from gradually involving in the research and development of core technologies to promoting the development of scientific research institutions focusing on basic research and strengthening scientific research. In his opinion, from "E" to "T" and then to "S", it is the Shenzhen model of scientific and technological innovation, a manifestation of Shenzhen's continuous progress towards the source technology and continuous improvement of its own innovation ability. TaoYongXin said, as a central city in the east of shenzhen and shenzhen national high-tech zone core area, plateau mountainous area and the strong leadership of the municipal party committee municipal government city bureau of education under the concern and support, carried out the construction of education innovation and development as the important content of sustainable development of the high quality innovation ping mountain, actively planning the construction of new system and mechanism innovation entrepreneurship institute, speed up to build a new mechanism of higher education, such as shenzhen normal university gradually explore elementary school, junior high school, high school and college education of creative talents in different stages of the reform, efforts to build for the future, the international and the global innovation ecological system of transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The school philosophy of Shenzhen Middle School is highly compatible with the innovative temperament of Pingshan. The cooperation between the two sides to build Pingshan Innovative School in Shenzhen Middle School will further improve the development level of innovative education in Pingshan region, and will also provide new experience for the city to promote the reform and development of basic education. Next, Pingshan District will provide comprehensive service guarantee for the preparation and construction of Shenzhen Middle School Pingshan Innovation School, and work with Shenzhen Middle School to speed up the building of Pingshan Innovation School into an innovative education benchmark matching the development goals of Shenzhen's construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics pilot demonstration area.  

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