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      (2) Preliminary examination of qualifications. The examination of registration qualifications shall be organized and implemented by the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee. The preliminary qualification examination shall be conducted from 9:00 on August 17 to 17:00 on August 20, 2020. Those who meet the qualification requirements shall not refuse to register. If the applicant does not meet the qualifications, he/she shall report the reasons to the applicant. If the information is incomplete, indicate the missing content and return it. Applicants are required to fill it in time. If the uploaded photos do not conform to the regulations, applicants are required to re-upload them. For those who have passed the preliminary examination of their qualifications, the registration information shall be retained for the examination and comparison during the reexamination of their interview qualifications. (3) Query the preliminary examination results. From 9:00 on August 17 to 17:00 on August 20, applicants should log on the registration website to check whether they have passed the preliminary qualification examination. Those who have passed the preliminary examination of qualifications shall not apply for other positions. Between 9:00 on August 17 and 17:00 on August 19, applicants who have not been examined or have not passed the preliminary examination of qualifications may apply for other positions. After 17:00 on August 19, 2020, applicants who have not been examined or have not passed the preliminary examination of qualifications cannot apply for other positions. Should have corresponding to enter oneself for an examination position level, professional teachers' qualification (according to the people club department is sent [2020] no. 24, the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, secondary vocational school teachers' qualification "mount guard, and then research" phased measures, who meet the conditions for the teachers' qualification examination and teachers' qualification about the ideological and political quality, mandarin level, physical condition, such as requirement of college graduates, can mount guard in the related education teaching work, first take the exam again and obtain qualifications for teachers. If the college graduates who take up posts first fail to obtain corresponding professional qualifications within the probation period, they shall terminate the employment contract according to law. This type of candidate will apply for teacher qualification according to the type of teacher (period) and subject). Those who are qualified as teachers in a higher school section may apply for positions in a lower school section of the same major; The qualifications of teachers in high schools and secondary vocational schools may be interchangeable.   The transformation of old residential areas is a systematic project to promote urban renewal. The upgrading and reconstruction of municipal infrastructure inside the residential area must be connected with the large municipal system outside, which will force the intensive integration, optimization and renewal of urban infrastructure and promote the construction of modern new city. The process of improving the public service level of the old community is an important means to promote the block renewal. The guidelines call for promoting the joint renovation of neighboring communities and surrounding areas, and strengthening the joint construction and sharing of service facilities and public space. For example, special community service facilities such as elderly care, childcare, parking, vegetable shops, convenience stores, etc., should be rebuilt or built to create a convenient and efficient "walking life circle" mixed-mode block. While improving living conditions and quality of life, the transformation of old residential areas can promote the improvement of urban features, show urban characteristics, continue the historical context, and give consideration to the improvement of functions and inheritance of features.  

      At present, the international financial crisis is still spreading, and its impact on the global real economy is becoming increasingly evident. Many countries have fallen into recession, social stability faces great challenges, and major changes in the world economic order are a foregone end. ?? ? ? ? ? ? ", which is originated from the ideology-led theories and policies for the development of capitalism that have been called "neoliberalism", "economic liberalism", "economic fundamentalism", "Thatcherism" or "The Washington consensus" over the past 30 years. The article mainly tells the history of the emergence and development of Shikumen buildings in the Concession of Shanghai. At the end of the article, the first generation of Shikumen in Shanghai appeared around 1870. Logic, according to the general writing needs is to express the above or is near the end of the cohesion, from Italy to see the last sentence "around 1870, started to build Shanghai lilong, the first generation of shikumen resulting" shikumen derivation the topic, so, the next most likely will revolve around "the first generation of shikumen" specific narrative. B) The content of the passage is the best. The relevant provisions of physical examination items and standards, such as "Operation Manual for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (Trial)" (Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2016] No. 140), shall be implemented. The medical examination fee shall be borne by the applicants. Those who fail to take the physical examination within the prescribed time will be deemed to have forfeited their recruitment qualification automatically. Those who fail in the initial physical examination may apply to the leading group of examination and recruitment for a reexamination within 3 days from the date of receiving the physical examination results. The reexamination results shall prevail. 2. Inspection. It mainly investigates and understands the candidates' ideological and political performance, moral quality, work performance in the service unit, compliance with discipline and law, personnel files, qualifications required for the proposed post and whether it is necessary to implement the principle of avoidance.  (iv) Registration confirmation and online payment. Has passed the qualification review staff, need to download the print and fill in the hebi city straight authority in 2020, "open selection of civil servants for a list of the recommended (A4 paper, see annex 2) 2 copies, for use when interview is confirmed, and in 2020 on August 25, before 17:00, logon to the website written examination fee pay 30 yuan per person per division (enter oneself for an examination personnel need to bring your own to use my name unionpay CARDS, functionality and deposit enough to pay the bank on enlightened net amount), failure to pay cost, be deemed abandoned automatically. (v) The proportion of the examination and the change of job application. The ratio of the number of applicants for each post to the number of candidates to be selected shall be no less than 3:1. If the ratio fails to meet the requirement, the proposed selection plan of the post shall be reduced or the position shall be cancelled accordingly. The information of the positions to be cut or cancelled shall be published on the selection website. The organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee shall, before August 26, 2020, inform applicants to reapply for other posts if the proposed posts are cancelled.  

       Candidates from Sanya, Danzhou, Wuzhishan, Qionghai, Wenchang, Wanning, Dongfang, Ding 'an and Tunchang will be interviewed on Saturday, August 15, 2020. The interview time for candidates applying for positions in Chengmai county, Lingao County, Baisha County, Changjiang County, Ledong County, Lingshui County, Baoting County and Qiongzhong County is Sunday, August 16, 2020. (2) Candidates shall wear masks when entering the test centers, and provide the provincial (district or city) "Health Code" (Hainan Health Code shall be presented by local applicants) of the National government service platform to achieve data sharing, or the "epidemic prevention information code" of the National government service platform. (I) The exam does not specify the exam counseling books, nor does it hold or entrust any organization to hold exam counseling training classes. Any tutoring class, tutoring website or publication issued in the name of public institution recruitment examination preparation group, specialized training institution, etc., or Internet access card appears in the society, which has nothing to do with this recruitment. Address: 2nd Floor, Government Service Building, No. 628, Jianlong Avenue, Dingcheng Town, Ding 'an County; Consultation telephone number: 0898-63828660; Technical telephone number of registration website: 0898-36382846; Consultation time: 8:30-12:00 am, 14:30-17:30 PM; consultation is not accepted on holidays; Supervision and reporting telephone: 0898-63800599 (Discipline Inspection and Supervision Unit). Autonomous region of natural resources is the composition of xinjiang uygur autonomous region people's government department, agency specifications for the main hall class, main responsibility is to monitor natural resources utilization and protection, establishing spatial planning system and supervise the implementation of universal for all kinds of natural resources asset owners responsibilities, unified investigation and approval to register, build system of paid use of natural resources, is responsible for the management of surveying and mapping and geologic exploration industry, etc. The center for The Comprehensive Improvement of Land Management and other personnel adhere to the standards of both political integrity and talent, implement the principles of democracy, openness, equality, competition and merit-based recruitment, adopt the recruitment method of combining examination, interview and investigation, and make the information, process and results open. Job reselection will take the form of on-the-spot registration. Applicants should fill in the Application Form for Reapplying for Posts in 2020 for Public Selection of Civil servants by Municipal Direct Authorities of Hebi City (Annex 3), submit payment certificate, their id card and other relevant documents (original and 2 copies), and go to the designated place to reapply for posts before 17:00 on August 27, 2020. Applicants are not allowed to re-register for posts that have been announced to be cancelled. If the applicant fails to reapply for the post as required, he/she shall be deemed to have voluntarily given up and the written examination fee paid shall be refunded. This selection, the qualification examination work runs through in the selection examination the whole process. The information and relevant materials submitted by the applicants must be true and valid, and the letter of commitment of good faith signed at the time of registration. Where found candidates

      Mianzhu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will organize the competent department of the employer to conduct an investigation on the personnel to be hired, including the ideological and political quality, legal and discipline concept, moral quality, actual work performance (academic performance), professional quality, practical performance and whether they meet the requirements for avoidance. During the period of publicity, the real-name reporting system shall be accepted. The informants shall truthfully reflect the problems with their real names and provide necessary investigation clues. Those who have reported should be investigated and verified, and those who are not suitable to be employed should be disqualified, and the vacancy should be filled in turn by candidates with the same position reaching the lowest line of the interview. To handle the employment procedures according to the regulations for those who have no or do not affect the employment.      

      In short, the third distribution is directed to help the poor and the weak, and follows the voluntary principle. Its main body is the social force, and its form (or way) is the social public welfare cause including the folk donation, charity, voluntary action, etc. Its driving force is mainly the factors of morality, culture, habit and so on. The third distribution reflects the ideological culture, moral level and civilization level of a society, as well as the internal requirements of citizen participation to help the weak and improve their own morality. We should create a positive and healthy view of social wealth in the whole society, vigorously explore and carry forward the traditional virtues such as kindness and mutual assistance, list the modern charity idea as an important part of citizens' moral education, and make charity a daily activity in which the whole people actively participate.      "The coffee isn't really worth it in terms of taste. It's the cost of grooming, and few people come here for a drink." After spending at a dog cafe in the central district of the provincial capital, some customers gave such comments. Many customers gave similar comments on the taste of the pet-themed drinks.

      The school unswervingly walks the characteristic school-running road, the talent training quality gradually enhances; Taking the initiative to serve the basic education and local economic and social development of Guangdong Province, He undertakes the training tasks of basic education teachers and school (garden) leaders, and co-builds affiliated schools and education experimental areas with local governments. He has achieved outstanding results and enjoys a high reputation in the society. Personal resume, works, scientific research project certificate, award certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate, second generation resident IDENTITY card (both sides scanned on the same page), household registration book (the first page and the personal page scanned on the same page) and other materials. After the end of the trial, to enter the interview stage of personnel qualification review, qualification review can enter the next stage of the examination. The name list of those who pass the qualification review will be announced on the website of the Personnel Department of Guangdong Second Normal University. If there is no objection to the announcement, enter the interview procedure. In case of a vacancy caused by failure to pass the qualification review, the quota may be filled in the same amount according to the trial performance from high to low. Teachers have a clear responsibility to be the life insider, learning counselor, growth caregiver and psychological counselor for left-behind children. Strengthen cultivation education, build labor practice base, let students experience the happiness of "I labor, I harvest". School has won the provincial (third demonstration elementary school level, the assessment of optimal level schools, sports schools, the fourth division of the NBA finals won the third prize), city (family education advanced collective, language standardization, outstanding young pioneers squadron, eight schools, four-star civilized unit, modern education demonstration school), the county level (parent school advanced group, concerned about the next generation of advanced collective, ShiXingJi demonstration schools, school-based training school, "my thumb up for his country" model school and so on many honors.  A number of interest groups have been set up, such as dance, art, calligraphy, classic recitation, drumming team, football, cheerleading, etc., to actively encourage left-behind children to participate in various interest groups, so that they can find happiness in activities. According to the "seven have" standard building room, indoor layout warm, humanized, cultural grade. In the operation and maintenance of "home", the main line runs through "family affection", and students who are left behind are often organized to carry out a series of "family affection" themed activities in "home" at appropriate times, so as to truly warm up "home". Give priority to tutoring in study, make study help plan, make clear the time, content and phased effect of help, make students happy and parents rest assured; In life, we give priority to the implementation of "two exemption and one subsidy". We give priority to the accommodation and accommodation of left-behind children, so as to create a warm dormitory environment for them to return home. Give priority to the activities, enrich their after-school life, not only make them physically and mentally happy, but also cultivate the ability to live independently.

      C. The origin of War and Shikumen has been described in the passage. In other words, the shikumen building in the Shanghai Concession was born because of war. The war forced the rich and even the common people in the Yangtze River valley to rush to the Shanghai concession, and the number of people exploded, resulting in the emergence of the shanty houses in the concession. D) The scope of description in the paragraph revolves around the subject "Shikumen", rather than "Shikumen residents". According to the writing logic, the scope of the following description cannot be directly separated from the subject, so D is invented out of nothing, so it is excluded. The new rules introduced by Amazon have had a huge impact on the way writers earn money. It goes on to detail the impact of the number of pages read and the length of time a writer spends reading on his or her royalties. "If no one reads an e-book, the writer's income will be severely affected," so it can be assumed that, in order to increase income, writers may shift their creative direction to cater to readers' tastes. D) He is a good student. D) he is a good student. Applicants are required to hold a valid resident identity card and admission ticket. The district civil service competent department shall conduct a qualification review on the shortlisted candidates. The candidates for the qualification review shall be determined according to the number of positions selected and adjusted according to the order of the written test scores (or the total scores after the written test plus the test) from high to low. If the last candidate has more than one examinee with the same score, he/she shall be determined as the candidate for the qualification review. Those who fail to meet the requirements for entry, fail to provide the prescribed documents and materials, or fail to accept the qualification review at the prescribed time shall be disqualified for entering the next stage. If there is a vacancy in the candidates for the qualification review, the position will be filled from high to low according to the written test score (or the total score after the written test plus the trial conversion), and the replacement will only be done once. Applicants who have been cancelled may apply for other posts from 10:00 to 16:00 on August 21. The admission ticket shall be issued if the qualification examination is qualified. The admission ticket can be collected from 8:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30 on August 28, 2020 in Room 401, Personnel Management Department, Institution, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Those who fail to collect the goods after the deadline will be given up automatically. Written test subjects: Public Basic Knowledge (main contents: common sense of politics, economy, law, humanities, management, national conditions, etc.), judgment and reasoning, speech understanding and expression, writing. Full score: 120.   

       1. Party member (including probationary Party member) with good ideological and political quality, strong party spirit, and strict observance of political discipline and rules. Good moral character, hard-working spirit, strong sense of self-discipline, no criminal record. Dare to adhere to principles, love discipline inspection and supervision work. 5. The personnel to be selected and transferred by county (district) organs and township organs should have at least 2 years of grass-roots work experience and at least 3 years of work experience as a civil servant (referring to the staff of the civil servant Law management unit); The personnel to be transferred to the municipal direct unit shall have at least 3 years' working experience in the civil servant (including the staff of the civil servant law management unit). (The deadline for calculating the number of years of work experience is August 2020.) Enter oneself for an examination the personnel must not enter oneself for an examination to learn professional code and the post that recruit examination post professional code is inconsistent, otherwise regard as invalid sign up. Was not included in your major professional directory (no professional code), can choose similar major to enter oneself for an examination in the recruitment of professional, enter oneself for an examination a compulsory course for the specialty should correspond with post requirements of professional major courses, and provide at registration and qualification review, graduation certificate, specialty course transcript (must sign, head of the office of graduate school and the official seal), issued by the college course contrast situation shows, graduated from colleges and universities set up the professional basis material, etc. To contain the major of two above groom direction, if recruit to take an examination of a post to already made clear specific groom direction, enter oneself for an examination personnel must accord with specific groom direction to just can enter oneself for an examination. For example & LDQuo in the professional directory; Enterprise management; (Including financial management, marketing, and human resource management) In order to further broaden the channels of recruitment, enrich the work force of discipline inspection and supervision, and optimize the structure of the cadre team, according to the notice on Strengthening the Professional Ability Construction of Discipline inspection and Supervision Cadres of The prefecture (Yanzhou Discipline Development and Development (no. 10, 2020), the establishment and position vacancy of discipline inspection and supervision committees of the county shall be combined. The commission for Discipline Inspection of Antu County has decided to open the selection and transfer of staff to the whole county, and the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: All units and departments of the county (including towns and streets) are on the job, and civil servants who have been registered and put on record in accordance with the provisions (including public institution staff managed by referring to the civil servant law); Fully funded establishment of career staff. 1. The qualification examination for the posts subordinate to the procuratorial organs of Zibo City and the organization departments of district party committees and counties shall be organized by the recruiting organs separately. Apply for the qualification examination of posts of municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Municipal Administration of Administrative Examination and Approval, Municipal Administration of Market Supervision, Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Municipal Medical Security Bureau, Municipal Administration of City, municipal Court system, municipal Audit Bureau (including Audit Bureau of Zhangdian District), municipal Bureau of Justice, and municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and organize them in a unified and centralized way. Please refer to the attachment for the specific examination place and contact information. With this year's graduates enter oneself for an examination, should take the initiative and contact with the agency that recruit, submit record of formal schooling (degree) certificate original, photocopy, and supplementary explanation concerned job circumstance, can provide relevant proof material when necessary. Among them, 2018, in 2019 the ordinary university graduates should be provided within the employment period not to carry out the work unit, archives, organization relationship remains in the original school graduation, or keep in graduate employment departments at all levels (graduate employment guidance service center), talent exchange service organizations at all levels and all levels of public employment service agencies; If the applicant is not a fresh graduate, one original and one copy of the diploma (degree) recognized by the state shall be submitted;


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