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原标题: License application for adult products experience Hall  

      The public selection will be conducted by on-site registration. Registration time: August 20, 18 solstice, 2020 (8:30-11:30 am, 14:30-16:30 PM). Registration place: Conference room 6420, Organization Department of District Committee. Qualified applicants should fill in the registration form for open selection and transfer in your chi district (see appendix 2), and bring the following documents after approval by their employers :(1) the original and copy of their valid resident identity card; (2) Original and copy of academic certificate; (3) I have recently taken 4 full-face, 2 inch full-length, bareheaded color photos. Before signing up, applicants should apply for the "Ankang Code" through the "Wanjiantong" APP and carefully read the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Instructions during the Examination period" (see Annex 3). When I heard it, it just seemed to make sense. Now, that's the way it is. For example, when I was laid off this time, I could not complain about the abnormal condition of the unit, nor could I say that a certain leader was not good enough. I could only say that I was chosen because I was not good enough. Just think, if I was good enough, I would have been admitted to a doctor and jumped to a better unit. If I'm good enough, I can tolerate not speaking up even if the leader doesn't agree with my values... If, if, but no if. After I was laid off, I started looking for work again. I would be frustrated when I didn't hear from my resume, and happy when I received an interview. I sent resumes and interviewed everywhere like a fresh graduate. I even joked to people: Look at me, after half my life, I'm still a graduate. Some people listened to me laugh at myself and praised me for my talent. And I'm telling you the truth. There are so many people interviewing for every job, no matter how insignificant. B: Yes, talent is what China needs most. In the face of fierce competition, I regret that I did not think of danger in peace of mind in earlier years, and improve my ability in all aspects more. The original copies of academic certificate, academic degree certificate, IDENTITY card, professional and technical qualification certificate and professional qualification certificate shall be verified for on-site registration; Verify the originals of registration by post and online prior to interview. Registration personnel should be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials, all fraud, once verified, that is, to cancel the examination qualification or employment qualification. The district Public recruitment Office organizes the leaders of relevant units and professional and technical personnel to form the assessment group, and evaluates the applicants who pass the qualification examination. Based on the educational background, work experience, rewards and punishment, honesty and self-discipline of the applicants, combined with the requirements of the advertised positions, the grading system is adopted to evaluate the suitability of personnel and posts. According to the evaluation situation, the candidates will be selected for the interview, and the district public recruitment office will inform the interview time and place. Outlets business (marketing), geared to the needs of domestic and foreign colleges and universities to recruit graduates, as a marketing service post reserves, in the first cabinet jobs such as training exercises after a period of time, considering work performance, personal qualities, and so on and so forth, employment or other business management office to business site related work in the marketing services. Graduates majoring in minor languages are an important talent reserve for the global operation of The Bank of China. After the recruitment, special training plans will be implemented and they will be sent to the corresponding overseas institutions to work according to the work needs and training conditions. After entering the bank, graduates majoring in minor languages will sign a labor contract and submit to the assignment arrangement agreement with the domestic branch of Bank of China according to my own will (especially excellent sign the labor contract and submit to the assignment arrangement agreement with the head office of Bank of China). 

        Please bring the written test admission ticket, your valid ID card and the interview notice. The interview is conducted in a structured way, mainly testing the candidates' comprehensive analysis ability, speech expression ability, planning, organization and coordination ability, strain capacity, emotional control, interpersonal cooperation awareness and skills, job motivation and the matching of the proposed position, manners and appearance, etc. The ministry of human resources and social security and the former ministry of health issued the notice on the revision of >, the general standard for civil servant employment physical examination (trial) and >, the operation manual for civil servant employment physical examination (trial) (issued by the ministry of human resources and social security)  Mechanics, mechanical engineering, electronic science and technology, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, software engineering, civil engineering, power engineering and engineering thermal physics, chemical engineering and technology, environmental science and engineering, statistics, mathematics, physics, optical engineering, materials science and engineering, urban and rural planning science, biomedical engineering, transportation engineering, applied economics, management science and engineering, sociology, pedagogy, foreign language and literature, marxism theory, design, etc. It is a multi-disciplinary city-owned key university with a focus on engineering, science, engineering, economics, management, liberal arts, law and art. Taking the opportunity to build a world-renowned, distinctive and high-level research-oriented university, the university has taken the initiative to adapt itself to the new requirements of the national and Beijing's economic and social development, and to adjust its layout and optimize its structure in front of disciplines. The number and level of the school's subjects rank among the top of local colleges and universities in China.

         In my opinion, the linkage mechanism should be improved to combine the guidance qualification recognition, admission qualification examination, rewards and punishments of postgraduate tutors with the examination of teachers' ethics. In every link of postgraduate training, we should strengthen the training of academic standards, strengthen the education of professional ethics, and enhance the cultivation of academic ethics. We should optimize the academic evaluation system and adhere to the combination of academic committee evaluation, educational supervision evaluation, postgraduate evaluation and tutor self-evaluation, so as to form a joint force for the construction of academic style and academic ethics. Postgraduate education has a unified strategic frontier, countries around the world and the features of area target can be further convergence revolution, industrial revolution and education of science and technology revolution, so the graduate student is more need to track international academic front, face to face with academic problems, academic field of vision, innovative work in the academic research, is supposed to get more involved in research at the forefront of professional opportunities. The strategic tasks and objectives of cutting-edge technologies, mainly focusing on assisting the elderly and disabled robots, industrial robots and logistics and transportation robots, will carry out research, development and demonstration applications of basic theories, key technologies, core software and system prototypes of intelligent service robots, and actively promote the technology and industrial development of robots. Existing teachers in the laboratory Bachelor degree or above, major in economics, finance, international trade, accounting, etc. Preferred; Cet 6 or above is preferred.

      Applicants should provide personal information and materials truthfully. Those who practice fraud will be disqualified from applying if they have not been hired once verified. Those already employed shall be dismissed. Written test: the examination content includes the public knowledge, professional knowledge and comprehensive quality required by the post. The written test does not specify the test material, does not have the review outline, the review material, also does not entrust any organization to hold the remedial class. Any training activities and training materials claimed by the society for this examination have nothing to do with the organization and employer of this recruitment. Candidates will be selected based on examination results, background checks and medical examination results. The employee shall be employed as an enterprise, and the state-owned enterprise Nanjing Jiangning District Zuoyi Surveying and Mapping Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, shall sign a formal labor contract with the employee and pay social insurance. After three months of probation, the employee who is qualified for the present post after examination shall be formally employed; Those who fail in the probationary period shall be dismissed. The formally employed staff shall be managed, used and assessed by Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, and the working place shall be in Jiangning Branch.   In order to ensure the smooth work of our independent employment staff, maintain the impartiality and seriousness of recruitment work, welcome all sectors of the community to supervise (supervise reporting telephone: Chengdu Vocational College of Agricultural Science and Technology discipline inspection office, 028-82733145). Within 3 working days, the contents of the personnel to be advertised include: position to be recruited, number of positions to be recruited, major to be recruited, name, gender, date of birth, school of graduation, major to be studied, education background (degree), examination results, ranking and other information. If there is no objection upon the expiration of the publicity period, Jinzhong No. 2 People's Hospital shall be responsible for submitting the proposed employment report to Jinzhong Municipal Health Commission, which shall summarize the report and submit it to Jinzhong Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for approval. If problems that affect employment are reported and verified, the employee shall not be hired; If it is difficult to verify the problem, we will decide whether to employ the employee after checking. Candidates should register in good faith. Those who give up after entering the physical examination, inspection and subsequent links, and fail to report for duty within the prescribed time with relevant materials without any justifiable reasons after receiving the employment notice, shall be disqualified accordingly and shall be recorded in the good faith archives. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the labor (employment) contract signed between the intended employee and the original employer shall be terminated by the employee himself or herself and the original employer according to relevant provisions; otherwise, the employee shall not be employed.

      Physical examination qualified personnel by examination employing unit organization politics careful, requirements of physical examination qualified personnel of ideological and political quality, compliance situation, moral character accomplishment, psychological adjustment ability, people post fitting for comprehensive politics careful, enter oneself for an examination and the provided information is true, accurate and relevant materials such as to check again, make the conclusion of politics careful qualified or not. (3) applicants should pass WeChat mini-program before assessment (written test, registration) according to covid-19 prevention and control requirements. National Government Service platform. Continue to apply for the recent epidemic prevention health code, arrive at the test site in advance on the day of assessment (written test, registration), wear a medical mask and present the epidemic prevention health code information People. Some academic leaders have become influential experts in their field, serving as editors of internationally renowned journals and heads of professional societies. According to the development plan of Henan University and key laboratories, we are now looking for all kinds of excellent talents at home and abroad. Candidates should have a proven track record in one or more of the following areas of research: All the above materials shall be provided with electronic version, copy or scanning copy, among which the certificate of academic degree verification shall be provided. If there is no time to provide the certificate at the time of registration, the original of relevant materials shall be submitted at the latest during the qualification review, otherwise the employment qualification shall be cancelled.   

        In order to ensure the smooth work of our independent employment staff, maintain the impartiality and seriousness of recruitment work, welcome all sectors of the community to supervise (supervise reporting telephone: Chengdu Vocational College of Agricultural Science and Technology discipline inspection office, 028-82733145).  The departments of Economics and Management, Electrical and Automotive Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Law, Foreign Languages, Arts and Media, Social Sports, General Education, and Social Sciences provide and supplement medical insurance. Enjoy the annual physical examination, assist to handle the transfer of files, the transfer of relations between party organizations and settle matters. Assist to apply for college teacher qualification certificate and higher education title series. Enjoy legal holidays and paid summer and winter vacations. Applicants who successfully apply for admission to our school will be arranged in the dormitory according to relevant documents of the school according to their personal circumstances. Teachers with a doctor's degree or the title of associate high above arrange two rooms one hall (with furniture and appliances), charged low accommodation fees.


      In order to ensure the smooth work of our independent employment staff, maintain the impartiality and seriousness of recruitment work, welcome all sectors of the community to supervise (supervise reporting telephone: Chengdu Vocational College of Agricultural Science and Technology discipline inspection office, 028-82733145).     

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